A Taut, Searching Story of Guilt, Family Secrets & New Love


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About the Author

Michael Decter never had a chance of escaping his fate to become a storyteller. His Irish mother, Una, was an excellent storyteller. His Russian Jewish father, Percy, was also a wonderful teller of tales.

In the preface to his storytelling destiny, Michael has managed three careers – one in Government, one in Consulting and one in Finance. He has also served on many governance boards in the health and cultural sectors. Along the way, he has written and published eight non-fiction books, several including storytelling within a factual narrative.

In August 2022, Cormorant Books will publish Michael’s debut novel, Shadow Life. Thus beginning a new storytelling chapter in Michael’s life.

About Shadow Life

The first book in a planned trilogy, Shadow Life introduces readers to Matthew Rice – a successful sixty-year-old Toronto politico who finds himself suddenly unmoored after serving jury duty on a devastating child murder case. Retreating to his cottage on an isolated island in Georgian Bay after being placed on medical leave, Matthew spends his evenings nursing scotch and old memories as he tries to evade the encroaching nightmares borne of the trial.

It is not long before Matthew’s trips down memory lane lead to Pandora’s box in the form of a missing birth certificate, and the ​​thread of his life begins to unravel more spectacularly with the discovery of a long-buried family secret.

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